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Cooking Classes 2022

Cost is $400.00 per person per class.  If you would like to purchase a ticket as a gift for someone else, purchase the class of your choice, then please email John McDaniels at The receipt for the purchase will be the ticket itself.  They are non-refundable – If you cancel your class, you will have the gift card available to be used at the restaurants for food and beverage purchases.  The card cannot be carried over to a different class or the next year.

The class includes 1 person in a class, a four-course meal on the night of the class (with other classmates)  wine pairings, one guest for dinner, and a complimentary gift.  (complimentary class themed gift) Due to the high demand of these classes, payment is done in advance and non-refundable.

Here’s How It Works

Our cooking classes are an interactive social evening. The class is divided into two parts: those who prepare and cook the food, and those who get to enjoy the meal after!

Tickets are sold as a package of two. The first member, the chef, arrives at 4pm. The chefs divide up into four or five groups, where they will work with one of our chef’s to prepare a five course meal.

Rathbun’s interactive cooking class takes you to the heart of the kitchen.  Feel the passion, feel the heat, and get ready to experience the reality of the cooking. We don’t make up recipes.  We don’t have rules….We begin from scratch and we decide on the dishes upon your arrival.

Upon arrival, we look in the walk-in and decide what is available and begin creating the dish with the cooking theme in mind. For three hours, you prepare the ingredients and get ready to make the dish.

You’re in the kitchen, not in the seat…. We provide the excitement, the knowledge and the fun inside of the kitchen. You learn about the food, the fun and what drives the kitchen to be the best. Passion from the heart!

WHAT TO WEAR: Non slip shoes along with long pants, hair tied back, and casual clothing. If you wish, you can bring a change of clothing for the dinner, but it is not necessary. We ask that you do not wear open toed shoes, as it is a hazard in the kitchen.

Our beverage team at KR Steakbar designs a beverage pairing to fit the theme of the dinner.

At 7pm the guests arrive and the chefs will serve appetizers. Dinner will begin at 7:30 pm and will end around 9:30 pm. Chef Kevin is on hand all evening to pepper our evening with laughter and fun. Each chef gets a gift to take home as well!

Everything is included with your ticket, as there are no other expenses or fees. All you need to bring is your desire to learn and an appetite!
We will email all class participants and confirm your reservations on the first week of the month for the specific cooking class.

*We try our hardest not to change the class dates, however it may happen.
*Chef Kevin’s schedule subject to change and may not always be in attendance


Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm